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Maintenance tips for your appliances

The importance of cleaning your Refrigerator Coils:

Every time we perform a dryer vent cleaning we offer to clean our customers refrigerator coils and 80% of the time the customer will respond "No , thank you, my husband cleans them." The funny thing is when we ask the husband, he doesn't know where the coils are!

The coils are under your refrigerator or sometimes in the back. They act as a barrier to keep hair, dust, and dirt out of your fan motor which works to cool your compressor. As you can imagine, these coils become clogged with hair, especially if you have a pet. Once it is clogged it starves the fan motor and in turn will over heat your compressor.

So by allowing us to perform a $19.95 coil cleaning with our professional equipment, it can save you hundreds of dollars in compressor repairs when your refrigerator goes warm.

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